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Weird Homes in the World

Every Home Has Story


I see a lot of homes in every style and every shape and size --just like the people behind their stories. 

In my NYC advertising days with Jerry Della Femina  I created perfect for a home equity loan ad for Chemical Bank in NYC and found the perfect house--one house in the shape of a shoe. 

It was called the Haines Shoe House built by a successful shoe salesman named Mahlon Haines (a.k.a. the ‘Shoe Wizard’. He gave one of his work boots to an architect and told him to “build me a house like this”.  And so it began. Built in 1948 or so a stucco-covered timber-frame building had stained glass windows with shoe designs in them. The top of the house from the heel reaches a height of 25 feet. The toe contains a living room, the heel contains the kitchen. Two bedrooms are in the ankle, and an ice cream shop was located in the in-step. So many stories about this house CLick here for more info on this wonderfully weird shoe home

Here is a wonderful video of many strange homes around the world--

So what is your story for your house--it is a story that can be cherished for generations to enjoy--even new buyers. 



Photo Credit: By Eliott, Joseph -, Public Domain,

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