Lakes Region of New Hampshire Towns and Lakes

Here are addresses, numbers and links to information for the towns in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. For more information please feel free to call me anytime on specific events. I have also listed the lakes in each town


Town of Alton

PO Box 659
Alton, NH 
(603) 875-0102

Half Moon, Hills Pond, Sunset Lake, Winnipesaukee


Town of Alexandria

47A Washburn Road

Alexandria, NH 03222

(603) 744-3288

Newfound Lake


Town of Ashland
PO Box 517
Ashland, NH 
(603) 968-4432

Big Squam, Little Squam


Town of Belmont
PO Box 310
Belmont, NH 
(603) 267-8300

Silver Lake


Town of Bridgewater

5 School Street,

Bristol, New NH 03222

(603) 744-3354

Newfound Lake


Town of Bristol

5 School Street,

Bristol, New NH 03222

(603) 744-3354

Newfound Lake


Town of Center Harbor
PO Box 140
Center Harbor, NH 
(603) 253-4561

Squam, Waukewan, Winnipesaukee, Winona


Town of Gilford
47 Cherry Valley Road
Gilford, NH 
(603) 527-4700



Town of Gilmanton

503 Province Road

PO Box 550

Gilmanton, NH 03237

Crystal Lake, Sunset Lake


Town of Holderness
US Route 3
Holderness, NH 
(603) 968-2145

Squam, Little Squam, White Oak

Town of Laconia 
45 Beacon Street East

Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 524-3877

Opechee, Winnisquam, Winnipesaukee


Town of Meredith
41 Main Street
Meredith, NH 
(603) 279-4538

Pemigewasset, Waukewan, Wicwas, Winnisquam, Winnipesaukee


Town of Moultonborough
PO Box 139
Moultonborough, NH 
(603) 476-2347

Kanasatka, Squam, Winnipesaukee


Town of New Durham

4 Main Street

New Durham NH 03855

(603) 859-2091



Town of New Hampton
6 Pinnacle Hill Road
New Hampton, NH 
(603) 744-3559

Pemigewasset, Waukewan, Winona


Town of New London

375 Main Street

New London, NH  03257

(603) 526-4821

Pleasant Lake, Sunapee


Town of Sunapee

23 Edgemont Road 

Sunapee, NH 03782

(603) 763-2212

Lake Sunapee 



Town of Tilton
257 Main Street
Tilton, NH 
(603) 286-4521

Silver Lake, Winnisquam, Winnipesaukee, 


Town of Tuftonboro
PO Box 98
Center Tuftonboro, NH
(603) 569-4539

Dan Hole Pond, Lower Beach Pond, Mirror Lake, Winnipesaukee


Town of Wolfeboro
84 South Main Street
Wolfeboro, NH 
(603) 569-8161

Beach Pond, Crystal Lake, Mirror Lake, Rust Pond, Sargent's Pond, Wentworth, WInnipesaukee

Lake Life is Life

They say a picture can tell a story of 1000 words. The images of lakes life in NH will for sure congour up amazing images in you brain that will last a lifetime, memories that will forever bring you back to a time you will always cherish. Lake life is life--with all that Mother Nature brings with it. New Hampshire with over 1300 lakes and 10,000 rivers is the perfect place to experience the good life. 

  misty morning on NH Lake  .         

Morning in My America

There is something magical when the fog and mist when it meets the water. It changes the landscape even simplifies life a bit. Sometimes haunting, Always beautiful. 




This Half Day Vacation will Last a Lifetime

This Half Day Vacation will Last a Lifetime


A half day impromptu vacation with my daughter began on a supply run, to  rented jet skis and ended at Piping Rock Resort in #Wolfeboro. The fond memories will never end.
    I'm in the business of helping people --to buy or sell a home and way more. With our office located in the heart of downtown Wolfeboro, and the rush of summer visitors in town (and the hoards at the Bailey Bubble) people are constantly streaming through our doors to ask about things to do, places to go, people to see, restaurants to try-and asking some of the strangest questions one can imagine.
    So my daughter Mariella decided to make her first solo road trip since graduating high school in Rockport MA to come to Wolfeboro. Now it was my turn to do the things I have only recommended others to do.  Only the pressure was on since it involves also creating a fond memory for father and daughter.
    Like any vacation plan, it started with a need for supplies, which in my case included everything--- food, tooth brush, water shoes, a bathing suit, things to do, and a place to stay for the night.
    First I made a reservation at Wolfeboro Jet Ski Rentals which meant Mariella and I had to first read the 68 page "Boater's Guide of New Hampshire on the Rules of Boating. Like any visiting NH guest without a boat license, we had to take a 25 question test to get a 14 day license.  Even though I learned to drive a boat long before I learned to drive a car, I still had a lot to learn. I really do not like taking tests and my daughter has had plenty of test taking skills gained in her senior year. Of course all her grades began with the letter "A".  And yes she did better than me.
    To prepare us for the big test, we had to have her favorite brain food of Crepes at Seven Suns Coffee & Tea   Then off to Bootleggers on North Main Street where we found a good selection of water shoes at a good price. My black leather shoes just would not suffice on the lake--and I didn't want to look like my Dad when he went to a "Poor Taste Party" wearing lime green shorts, long brown socks and black leather wingtips that would be allowed at the worst public golf course.
    Then we went next door to Dive #Winnipesaukee for a suit and sun screen. The cool glasses were tempting. Actually there was a lot in there to "Must Have"    Back to Bailey Bubble for that pre Jet Ski Soft Serve Ice cream. Hunters for a small stash of pretzels and water for the ride.
    Now facing the computer screen to take the 25 question boat licensing test. (There are 55 different versions of this test) First my daughter goes. I mean she hardly looked at the book. She passes with flying colors. Then I take it- and I pass--no flying colors.
    We get suited up in the provided life jackets. and off we went off for two hours on a speedy Jet ski.. We went past all the great land marks on the lake, past fellow Michigan Man #Mitt #Romney 3 bay boat house, the part of the lake where the boat crash scene in On Golden Pond was filmed, clients estates on Springfield Point, Pipers Point, Sinclair Lane, Tranquility Lane, Mountain Views, Sewall Road, Rattlesnake Island, and many more. The day was perfect. The water was smooth. the Sky was blue. The Mount Washington and the Millie B pass us.
    As fast as it seemed we were going on the jet ski, life just seemed to slow down. After being out on the water for two hours, our smiles were wide, our feet were wet, our faces a bit more red--or in my daughter's case tan. I'm sure my face looked redder because my hair looked blonder (which is a way of saying that my grey hair got whiter.)
    Seeing the exquisite estates that dot the shores from the water gives a whole new perspective. Being on a small watercraft on a 44,000 acre lake surrounded by mountain views and islands humbles your existence on this piece of paradise.
      Now a trip and Harvest Market for fresh food for dinner and breakfast.
      And off to Piping Rock in Wolfeboro. This is one of our company's listings handling all the rentals and many of the properties for sale. We stayed in one of the cabins with water views. We went to the groomed beach and sat as the loons started their evening calls and the sun started its evening orange glowing decent down behind the silhouetted trees in the distance
      Home cooking in our wood paneled temporary home was oh so nice. A comfortable sleep only enhanced by the sounds of some loons. Again waking up with the smell of bacon and eggs and fresh fruit for breakfast.
    My daughter then went off to continue her road trip to surprise her wonderful boyfriend who is working in Maine.
    Wolfeboro, the Lakes Region--and really New Hampshire -- has it all. Things to do. Places to go, People to see, and the best that Mother Nature can provide. So much can be packed into a half day. Living in a place people vacation is a year round benefit.
    I encourage you to take the time to be with each of your kids individually so they can have their own personal memory with you that will last forever, won't you?
    Now I am over 20,152 days old. Experiencing such a life long memory generated by a half day impromptu vacation with my daughter--simply priceless.


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