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The Buyer's Agent Advantage

When you are looking to buy your next house, it is extremely wise to have a buyer's agent relationship. Initially, when you first talk with an agent, they represent the seller. I advise you Not to disclose anything you don't want the seller to know regarding your financial situation, your motivation--anything until you have a Buyers agent agreement.

Below is a simple outline of the agent vs buyer agent relationship:

Services to expect from a Real Estate Professional

  • Arrange property showings.
  • Provide information regarding taxes and zoning.
  • Assist with financing, inspections and contingencies.
  • Explain forms and agreements.
  • Submit offers to purchase.
  • Monitor the closing.
  • Disclose material defects about a property.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES provided by a Buyer Agent


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