Michael Travis

Ice Harvesting on Fernald's Basin Wolfeboro NH

What is Fernald’s Basin:

The basin is a part of the 3000+ acre Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro. In 1872 a skinny strip of land was created for a railroad track to enable the Eastern Railroad to open a branch line from Sanbornville to Wolfeboro to transport people and goods to Lake Winnipesaukee.  This created Fernald’s Basin which separates us from the rest of Lake Wentworth.   The track is now referred to the Cotton Valley Rail Trail. 

Moody’s Ice House and the Ice Harvesting Business

In the late 1800s the basin became the sit of a thriving Ice Harvesting business until 1960.  On our land is the original foundation for Moody’s Ice House.  A smaller structure (now 325 Center Street) was originally the guest house for the business we are told.  In the lot next door you can still see the remnants of the original foundation for the actual ice house. On the other side is a 1930s Kit House transformed into a beautiful arts and crafts home. 

Lake Life is Life. These are our views from our house on Fernald’s Basin. Enjoy Morning on Fernald's Basin as much as I do in this video.

One of my photos was mounted to a wall at the NH DES 


Waterfront Agent gets mounted on the NH DES Wall?

Ok his image does. When New Hampshire Department of Environmental Science (DES) Water division called looking for Michael Travis, the waterfront agent, was there trouble brewing at one of his new or old listings, or his own waterfront homes? After all, Michael sells a lot of waterfront homes and deals with all kinds of lake issues. DES compassionate and dedicated staff is responsible for “Protecting and restoring the waters of New Hampshire to help sustain a high quality of life.” as stated on their website. 

DES – Water Division had voted and selected one of Michael’s images as the winner of their New Hampshire photo contest  and created an 8’ x 13 wall mural for the Director’s Office Suite. As a state office, they try to be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of New Hampshire and this photo was offered for free to use by Michael. 

Fifty year veteran Rene Pelletier, PG Director of the Water Division said “As this is a New Hampshire state office, we wanted a New Hampshire image that captured the beauty of our state in a water setting. The boat added just the right element!” 



From Left to right in front of the mural: R. Jessie Webb | Administrative Assistant. Rene Pelletier | Water Division Director. Robert Scott | Commissioner of Department of Environmental Service 

Michael Travis | Photographer, Realtor, Waterfront Agent   Phil Trowbridge | Water Division Land Resources Manager  


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