Pawtuckaway Lake

Pawtuckaway Pond i(783-acre) Nottingham A Pristine water body located in Rockingham County in southeastern New Hampshire, United States, in the town of Nottingham. The original, natural pond was enlarged in the 1800s by the construction of four dams. Three of the dams, near the southern end of the pond, feed the Pawtuckaway River, which flows southeast to the Lamprey River in the western part of the town of Epping. The fourth dam, located at the north end of the pond, releases water to the Bean River, leading to the North River and ultimately the Lamprey River in the northern part of Epping. The pond is located in the Piscataqua River drainage basin.

Approximately half of the pond's shoreline consists of private homes, a mixture of seasonal and year-round residents. Most of the western side of Pawtuckaway Pond is occupied byPawtuckaway State Park, a popular camping, swimming, hiking and orienteering destination. 

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