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2019 Legislative Requests Keeping New Hampshire lakes clean and healthy

The New Hampshire Lakes Association (NH LAKES), is a member-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with a focus to help individuals, groups and businesses enjoy and protect all of the state’s 1,300 or so lakes. This includes understanding problems with invasive species, runoff water issues, water quality issue, and more.

Below is info on proposals to help our lakes.

NH LAKES worked with several sponsors from the New Hampshire House and Senate to propose three unique LSRs to keeping New Hampshire lakes clean and healthy

LSR 2019-0700, sponsored by Representative Suzanne Smith, seeks to establish an aquatic invasive species (AIS) decal program in New Hampshire designed to increase revenue for the Department of Environmental Services Exotic Species Program for the prevention and management of AIS. The decal program would require those who register their boat in a state other than New Hampshire and use New Hampshire’s inland waters to purchase $20 decal annually and affix it to their bow.  

LSR 2019-0554, sponsored by Representative Chuck Grassie, pursues legislation to require boaters to use AIS prevention technologies (e.g. garden hose, cleaning tools, decontamination unit), if they are made available to them at  public boat access facilities.

LSR 2019-0065, sponsored by Representative Suzanne Smith, Representative Dan Wolf, Representative Linda Tanner and Senator Martha Fuller Clark, proposes a study commission to examine the effects of wake (ballast) boats on the spread of aquatic invasive species, on the safety of swimmers and other boaters, and on shoreline erosion.


For more information and to get involved please visit the NH Lakes website. 

Kelly Buchanan, Advocacy Program Coordinator



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