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Best Flood Insurance Companies so that your wallet does not go under water

Best Flood Insurance Companies

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Updated on 12/11/2017

A bad storm could flood your world in debt and loss. Your wallet does not need to go under water protecting your home. 

Seems Floods are occurring more frequently than any other natural disaster impacting U.S. citizens. Most people assume they aren’t at risk if they do not live in a designated flood plain, but between 20 and 25 percent of all flood victims live outside a high-risk area. The commonality and unpredictability of flooding make this type of insurance especially important for both homeowners and renters.

Nearly all residential flood insurance policies are underwritten by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and serviced by private insurance companies, the rates and coverage are the same, regardless of which company consumers select. When choosing a flood insurance service company, consumers should learn about the company as a whole to make the best choice for them.

Here is a link to several companies to compare.




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    Making our docks longer.

    There are always the question of what to do with seasonal docks. So what is happening in halls of the State of New Hampshire government.

    I am often asked about if you can simply add to a dock. A Seasonal dock means docks that can come out. Not on Piers.

    ??Both House and Senate Committees spent much of 2017 on this subject of extending the length of temporary seasonal docks as well as permitting requirements for temporary seasonal boat lifts. Senate Bill 119 has passed both the House and Senate but in different versions.

    There seems to be a consensus on allowing the extension of such docks to 50 feet, as opposed to the current 40 feet. However, the House and Senate negotiators will need to meet in a committee of conference to iron out several other differences in the Bill before sending it to the Governor for his signature.?? And new in 2018 is House Bill 1371, which seeks to eliminate certain lot size and setback permitting requirements for seasonal docks. This helps those on small lots very common in waterfront properties in NH.

    The New Hampshire Association of Realtors (NHAR) supports passage of the bill.

    We will see how it goes. 

    Thank you


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