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One of the most important improvements on a waterfront property is a proper septic design It helps to protect the waterways and keep your systems running properly. There are so many different kinds of systems from a bubbler system that uses circulated air bubbles to purify septic fluids and utilizes very little land to pump up systems when the septic has to be raised above the lowest part of the homes septic lines or very high water tables to the traditional tried and true stone and pipe systems. Each lot dictates what kind of system is needed. 

Roscoe Blaisdell is the Septic System Designer that brilliantly did the design on my own house in Northwood NH. He is also a Septic System Evaluator, Land Surveyor and Wetland Scientist based in Raymond, New Hampshire. I serve Southeastern New Hampshire including Rockingham County, Derry, Londonderry, Manchester and Salem. 

Blaisdell Survey, LLC
22 Scribner Rd
Raymond NH 03077
(603) 895-9947

The installer for my septic is another company I can highly recommend  

D.L. Docko & Son, LLC
Dave Docko
1090 First NH Turnpike
Northwood, NH  03261

There are many very good and qualified septic designers all over New Hampshire to choose from

Here is a list of qualified and licensed installers. NH Septic Designers and Installers


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