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Complete List of Lakes & Ponds in New Hampshire

The Complete List of NH Lakes and Ponds

Clear NH Lake

Mother Nature is kind to New Hampshire--in fact I believe the state was her favorite child.

Afterall it is a state made up of 86% trees covered with 1300 or so lakes and ponds not to mention thousands of miles of rivers.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has gathered  a list of all NH Lakes and Ponds over 10 acres --

This list will give the acreage, elevation and what town the lakes are located--listed alphabetically - all kinds of useful info.

View the entire Official List of Lakes and Ponds .

Water quality size & Depth by Lake

Click here to search for Lakes and Ponds by size and towns

Natural Mean High Water Elevations [pdf] The State owns the beds of all great ponds, up to the elevation of natural mean high water. DES has determined the natural mean high water elevations at a few of New Hampshire's great ponds


A very interesting and very informative interactive map for lake access points in NH Click on the links and you will see included the name of the town,

Water Body, Ownership, Access Type, Fees, Site Access, Parking If it has a ramp,, dock shore bank or if it is Handicapped Accessibility.

Other factoids of each link is if allowed is fishing, boating, swimming, camping, picnic, rest rooms, latitude and longitude. Very cool indeed. 


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