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List of Boating Restrictions


One of the first questions I get is what kinds of boats can we use on a lake. Some of the answers are common sense even though I have heard of one lakefront owner with a Cigarrette Boat on a 60 acre lake. Many questions have to do with allowing jet skis on a lake. In general smaller lakes don't allow them and again it can't really be enjoyable to zip around in a jet ski or even a powerful ski boat in a small 100 acre lake or so.  Some lakes even have a rules on the direction that boats can go on. Some lakes don't allow any power boats. Violations on a boat including speeding and alcohol can also show up on the boaters' motor vehicle driving record. So be safe, be smart, have fun. 

Here is a list of boating restrictions lake by lake:

List of Boating Restrictions by Lake.

For any inquiries regarding this list, please call the Marine Patrol Unit at (603) 293-2037.

Lake Winnipesaukee
The largest lake in New Hampshire's the 44,000 acre Lake Winnipesaukee. Here are rules specific to that lake.

X. (a) No person shall operate a vessel on Lake Winnipesaukee at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the existing conditions and without regard for the actual and potential hazards then existing. In all cases, speed shall be controlled so that the operator will be able to avoid endangering or colliding with any person, vessel, object, or shore. 
(b) Where no hazard exists that requires lower speed for compliance with subparagraph (a), the speed of any vessel in excess of the limit specified in this subparagraph shall be prima facie evidence that the speed is not reasonable or prudent and that it is unlawful: 
(1) 30 miles per hour during the period from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise; and 
(2) 45 miles per hour at any other time. 
(c) The speed limitations set forth in subparagraph (b) shall not apply to vessels when operated with due regard for safety under the direction of the peace officers in the chase or apprehension of violators of the law or of persons charged with, or suspected of, any such violation, nor to fire department or fire patrol vessels, nor to private emergency vessels when traveling to emergencies. This exemption shall not, however, protect the operator of any such vessel from the consequences of a reckless disregard of the safety of others. 
(d) The speed limitations set forth in subparagraph (b) shall not apply to boat racing permitted under RSA 270:27. 
XI. Any conviction under this section shall be reported to the commissioner of the department of safety, division of motor vehicles, and shall become a part of the motor vehicle driving record of the person convicted. 

Click here for a link http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/XXII/270-D/270-D-2.htm

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