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Homes and lots on Lakes up to 100 Acres

Small lakes and ponds have their own appeal for being a sanctuary for nature and living so close to it. This list is really for the bodies of water 20 acres to 100 acres. There are hundreds of even smaller lakes and ponds. 

These lakes include 

Sandy Pond, Scobie Pond, Damon Res, Freeses Pond, Pecker Pond, Randlett Pond, Adder Pond, Back Pond, Bagley, Chapman Pond, Meetinghouse Pond, Stone Pond, Stone Pond, Billings Pond, Hopkins Pond, Hothole Pond, Upper Pond, Chestnut Pond, Church Pond, Dutchman Pond, Long Pond, Morrill Pond, Caldwell Pond, Crooked Pond, Rolf Pond, Smith Pond, Little Bow Pond, Calef Pond, Shattuck Pond, Center Pond, Cold Spring Pond, Echo Lake, Saltmarsh Pond, Hortons Pond, Island Pond, Island Pond, Knights Pond, Mount William Pond, Rollins Pond, Tom Pond, Sunset Lake, Bog Pond, Bullet Pond, Cunningham Pond, Dudley Pond, Piper Pond, Garland Pond, Grassy Pond, Grassy Pond, Kilburn Pond, Kilburn Pond, Pratt Pond, Shadow Lake, Lily Pond, Campton Pond, Clark Pond, Daniels Lake, Dinsmore Pond, School Pond, Cheshire Pond, Echo  Lake, Hildreth Dam Pond, Meadow Brook Pond, Barville Pond, Dodge Pond, Eel Pond, Fish Pond, French Pond, Jackson Pond, Basin Pond, Club Pond, Lucas Pond, Norway Pond, Otternick Pond, Russell Pond, Sessions Pond, Whittemore, Bagley, Lougee Pond, Round Pond, Moores Pond, Pea Porridge Pond, Middle, White Pond, Clough Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Katherine Lake, Lily Pond, Munn Pond, Perch Pond, Meetinghouse Pond, Berry Pond, Craney Pond, Harris Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Tewksbury Pond, White , Gilman Pond, Rand Pond, George Pond, Flints Pond, Greenwood Pond, Hunts Pond, Millville Lake, Nay Pond, Turee Pond, Chalk Pond, Downing Pond Pond, Waukeena Lake, Cass Pond, Mirror Lake, Pine Island Pond, Gile Pond, Kusumpe Pond, North Pond, Lakins Pond, Cub Pond, Cub Pond, Frost Pond, Frost Pond, Gould Pond, Halfmoon Pond, Round Pond, East Inlet, Ellsworth Pond, Knowles Pond, Mud Pond, Pearl Pond, Water Loom Pond, Elbow Pond, Naticook Lake, Sargent’s Pond, Bolster Pond, Crowcroft Pond, Stocker Pond, Stocker Pond, Rocky Pond, Kilton Pond, Willand Pond, Pillsbury Lake, Streeter Pond, Streeter Pond, Hoit Road Marsh, Rocky bound Pond, Wilson Pond, Bowker Pond, Iona Lake, Marchs Pond, Ogontz Lake, Rocky Pond, Purity Lake, Halfmoon Pond, Stone Pond, Cedar Pond, Garland Pond, Duncan Lake, Mountain Pond, Center Pond, Forest Lake, Nippo Pond, Pleasant Pond, Black Pond, Connor Pond, Captain Pond, Elm Brook Pond, Sanborn Pond, Long Pond, Rockwood Pond, Brindle Pond, Chesham Pond, Crystal Lake, Hawkins Pond, Kimball Pond, Wakondah Pond, Hills Pond, Contention Pond, Dubes Pond, Kolelemook Lake, Copps Pond, Phillips Pond, Emerson Pond, Long Pond, Gorham Pond, World End Pond, Partridge Lake, Scott Bog



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