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Investing in NH is a Safe and Healthy Bet


Investing in NH is a Safe and Healthy Bet

Having lived in New York City and Boston I have seen the dark side of living close to millions of people. I have traveled all over America, and found that New Hampshire has all the best of everything I love in life natural beauty, mountains, lakes, trees, the ocean as well as charming and historic towns. Between every town you visit you drive past lush forests, stunning views, and mountain vistas. After all, NH is covered by 86% trees with a population of just over 1.2 million people. Is it all that fresh air with 1300 lakes and beautiful country roads that calm people down. Some of the most beautiful waterfront estates in the world are here for far less than what you would spend in other New England states.

Take for instance the estate at 337 Camelot Shores in Farmington on 3 acres with over 1260 ft of shore land on 3 acres, a main house guest cabana finished barn and lush mature gardens. And who need to leave this sanctuary when you can ZOOM in style. You are close to 3 international airports, 90 minutes to Boston.

337 Camelot Shore Estate     

 Millions of Americans have relocated in 2020 because of COVID-19. New Hampshire was the beneficiary of families wanting to move here from the surrounding states as seen by the surge of new students in the schools. Family and the natural environment are major reasons people move to stay in New Hampshire. Many second homes became primary homes.The 2020 Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns Study found of their moves to New Hampshire there was a 61.6% rate of people moving here to stay, the top two highest rate in the country.  And why not.

New Hampshire is ranked America's Safest state.

For three years in a row New Hampshire was listed as the best state to live in*.

The lowest crime rate Top State for Quality of Life by based on FBI Crime Data.

There is no income tax or sales tax.

Top two in Overall Child well being*

Highest rate high school graduation in New England at 93.5% **

Lowest rate of births among teenagers in the country. 

New Hampshire's high level of peace may be a reflection of its superior economic conditions.

Only 4.7% of state residents are living in poverty the lowest rate in the country.

New Hampshire has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country at 2.6% a strong job market.

One of the lowest rates of income inequality rate.

New Hampshire ranks first for Crime & Corrections, 2nd for Natural Environment, 3rd for Opportunity***


All these factors I believe make NH such a safe bet.

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* Annie E. Casey Foundation ** *** US News & World Report

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