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Investing in NH is a Safe and Healthy Bet

Having lived in New York City and Boston I have seen the dark side of living close to millions of people. I have traveled all over America, and found that New Hampshire has all the best of everything I love in life  natural beauty, mountains, lakes, trees, the ocean as well as charming and historic towns. Wolfeboro is one of those towns.  Rich in History as Americas's Oldest Resort". Rich in Natural Beauty on the shores of 44,000 acres Lake Winnipesaukee surrounded by mountain vistas, lush forests. and some of the most beautiful waterfront estates in the world for far less than what would spend in the surrounding states
    New Hampshire is ranked America's Top State for Quality of Life" by CNBC  and top in Overall Child well being and the safest and most livable state by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. After all, New Hampshire is 86% trees with a population of just over 1.2 million people. Is it all that fresh air with 1300 lakes and beautiful country roads that calm people down.
    New Hampshire's high level of peace may be a reflection of its superior economic conditions. Only 8.1% of state residents are living in poverty -- the lowest rate in the country. Even in the horrible financial times the United States experienced beginning in 2008, New Hampshire had half the unemployment rate of the country and lowest foreclosure rate. Now things are really looking bright financially here. New Hampshire also has one of the lowest rates of income inequality and the lowest rate of homicide in the country, the third-lowest rate of other violent crimes and the fifth-lowest incarceration rate. New Hampshire also has a 91.5% high school graduation rate -- the fourth-highest -- and the lowest rate of births among teenagers. All these factors have I believe make NH such a safe bet.
o New Hampshire rated most livable state, US News and World Report.
o 3rd highest number of second homes in the country
o New Hampshire is the 7th wealthiest state in the country with only 1,320,700 people with a median income of $63,280
o New Hampshire ranks #1 again in the nation for "Overall child well-being" by Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT® Data Book  
o New Hampshire is ranked by a  wide margin the Number one state in a Living Index (at 3.2) which includes being ranked #1 as the Safest and Most Livable state, number 2 in Family well being and Health
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