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They say, "If you are lucky enough to live on the lake, you are lucky enough"  Here is a library of videos the show how lucky you can be to be living on the lake. Contact me on how I can help you achieve your waterfront dream. 

Morning in America - on Long Pond - Northwood NH

Morning again in America, on Long Pond in Northwood, New Hampshire, Morning begins, like on any of the 1300 or so lakes & ponds in this state, as a quiet opening act where you begin to hear the birds come alive, the subtle ripples of water made by ducks floating, the fish jumping, or the occasional kayaker's paddle.  Time stands still here - even in motion. So can call me to find yourself in a lake home as special as the lake is. 603-303-2599


Morning in America -- on Long Pond from Waterfront Agent on Vimeo.

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